Seasonal Conditions Information Portal

The Seasonal Conditions Information Portal (SCIP) uses a technology that allows fast, stable transfer of data and information direct from the EDIS system to your computer. The portal contains several downloadable features from the NSW Combined Drought Indicator. The portal is not currently available on mobile devices.

Interested how drought has tracked over time?

  • The Drought History Charts track how each of the three drought indicators (rainfall, soil water and plant growth) have changed over time for each Parish across NSW.
  • The charts are updated weekly, so keep checking back for updates for your region.
  • If you need to find your Parish, use the interactive map below. Make sure you take note of your Parish, County and LLS region

Interested in accessing data and maps?

Need help finding your parish?

  • Use the map to find your parish.
  • You can either drag and scroll to your location or use the search bar at the top right to enter your address/location.
  • Click on your location for a popup with parish information.